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When our hearts are pure it opens our spiritual eyes to see God.  
Read- To Know God and Make Him Known

We can seek wisdom and miss God, but we can never miss wisdom if we seek God first. 
Read A Fly In The Ointment

Success can only be fulfilling when our motivation to please Him (Christ) transcends self-fulfillment. 
Read  Chasing After The Wind

Covetousness says that God is not enough and we need to seek our fulfillment elsewhere.
Read...... God Is Always Better

Christianity is more readily caught than taught. Read-- Do We Love The Ministry for Our Church?

Prayer is not trying to change God’s mind, but agreeing with His intended purposes.
Read  If You Pray His Word, You Will Be Heard

Someone once said, “wisdom is just having a keen sense of the obvious.”
Read  This Dog Doesn't Hunt Anymore

In many ways we (the church) have found ourselves a day late and a dollar short.  We have been slow to recognize and adapt to the signs of the times.  Read   This Dog Doesn't Hunt Anymore

What God starts He always finishes. Read Seeing The Unseen

If we believe God, that He will never leave us nor forsake us, we will see this unseen God and that will be enough.  Read Seeing The Unseen 

God seems to be more concerned with our character than our comfort. Read The Rock That Is High Than I 

This great man of God (the Apostle Paul), the most prolific writer of New Testament text, viewed himself as the least among the great and the lowest among the least.  Read What It Means To Be Blessed

There is no such thing as the status quo in the Kingdom of God.  We are either moving toward God or away from Him.  Read The Rock That Is Higher Than I

If we start with the needs of man we allow our circumstances or the culture to determine our theology and our corresponding preaching rather than the Bible.  Christ Our Greatest Need

If I am really honest I have to admit that sometimes I want what I don’t really need, and what I need I do not want.  Read ... Christ Our Greatest Need

The belief that there are reasonable, rational and unchanging guidelines instituted by God has been hijacked and taken hostage by relativistic thought.  Read... Relativism: A Life Without Road Signs

Without it (suffering) we walk through life unable or unwilling to see ourselves as we really are. Read "Pain and Change"

Women in our culture are being sold a bill of goods. Read Dancing With The King

Often when we are wounded by the hateful actions of people, it brings to the surface the sinful residues found in the depths of our hearts.  Read Chastisement or Persecution

True discipleship takes place only where an intellectual understanding of God’s Word proceeds to a radical heart transformation. Read more.. 

God has been proven to be better than my best expectations and wiser than my wisest thoughts.  Read more  Disappointment, a result of insufficient information.

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